Stermitz Ranch Zipline Tour



We have recently signed a contract with a local whitewater rafting company to provide Zipline tours on the historic Stermitz Ranch. Montana Whitewater also does rafting on the Yellowstone River. Their zipline on our ranch is the only zipline north of Gardiner, MT. If zipping is not enough, Montana Whitewater also offers combination deals in conjunction with horseback rides on the Stermitz Ranch (called a "Ride and Glide" package), and a horseback ride with a rafting trip (called a "Paddle and Saddle" package). Or, if a raft and a zipline tour is what you want, you can do their "Zip and Dip" package.

Click here to go to Montana Whitewater’s web site. If you are staying on the Stermitz Ranch as one of our guests, they will give you a discount on your zipline tour.





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